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Training Class

The Texas License to Carry course is a one day class. The class will be at least 4 hours, not including range time. 

Classroom and Range fee is $60.00.

Corporate LTC class rates and private LTC classes at your home are available. 
Contact john@wheelerchl.com or call 260-729-2389

Form CHL100 – You will leave class with this form stating you passed both the written exam and shooting proficiency.

You will be required to qualify with your handgun!

This is not a basic pistol class. Students should be proficient with their handguns prior to class!

Bring 50 rounds for the qualification exercise.

Bring extra ammo in case you do not qualify the first time. 

There will NOT be time to sight in your pistol.

Revolver or Semi-Automatic

You can qualify with a Semi-Automatic or Non-Semi-Automatic (revolver).

You can carry either a semi automatic or revolver with your license.
​ .

On the range, you will shoot the following qualification:

From a distance of 3 Yards:

1 shot in 2 seconds (5 times)
2 shots in 3 seconds (5 times)
5 shots in 10 seconds (1 time)

From a distance of 7 Yards:
5 shots in 10 seconds (1 time)
2 shots in 4 seconds ( 1 time)
3 shots in 6 seconds (1 time)
1 shot in 3 seconds (5 times)
5 shots in 15 seconds (1 time)

From a distance of 15 yards:
2 shots in 6 seconds (1 time)
3 shots in 9 seconds (1 time)
5 shots in 15 seconds (1 time)
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Are you:
• An Active or Retired Judical Officer (GC §411.201)
• An Active Texas Prosecutor (GC §411.201)
• An Active Texas Peace Officer (GC §411.1991)
• A correctional officer currently employed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (GC §411.1952)
• An Honorably Retired Texas Peace Officer (GC §411.199)(GC §411.1992)

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Bring eye protection, hearing protection and a handgun .

If your a first responder or over 55, please call or e-mail me for your class cost.  
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